Medical Laboratory for Exact Medical Group

Connecting spaces with people has been a fundamental part of our design philosophy. This is done through connecting one’s emotions with the physical space by experiencing the difference spatial arrangements with the use of lighting, materials, heights and depth of space.

Our newly completed medical laboratory for Exact Medical Group is created with the above key concept in mind —- one should feel at ease and relaxed being at this wellness facility.

While medical engagement can often be stressful, an aesthetically rewarding space can elevate one’s mundane experience to a healing journey for the body and soul. By balancing defined lighting with a fresh colour palette in furniture and flooring, the design speaks of professionalism and a welcoming atmosphere, giving visitors the confidence in the service without the common impression of a sterile and uptight healthcare space.

We understand the difference from designing from good to great instil power in cultivating a better relationship between space and its users. Through the power of design and art, not only is the Exact Medical Tuen Mun CT-Imaging and Endoscopy Centre a clinic for advanced medical services, it is also a safe oasis and wellness hub for those who need a sense of peace.

Source : Medical Laboratory for Exact Medical Group

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