That’s a wrap!  Be BOLD AND BRAVE.

That’s a wrap!  Be BOLD AND BRAVE.

Education has always been our passion and as designers who help to shape our world, we never stop to find bold ways to contribute to our community. As part of our social responsibility initiatives, we have joint hands with SA Project and Blue Bottle Coffee to organize a drinks event aiming to raise public awareness to homeless problem in HK and raise funds for ImpactHK.

Specials thanks to:
Blue Bottle Coffee for sponsoring the venue
Interface and Eplus as sponsors
Our media partner Kyo Siu from Home Journal
Last but not least, everyone of you who came to support and made this event a success!  

Some shocking information shared by Jeff Rotmeyer –
– Homeless population has grown 30% during Covid times.
– General age of homeless demographics has changed from 60+ average age pre-Covid to 50+ average age during Covid times. 

If you would like to help, go sign up as a volunteer with ImpactHK to join their “Kindness Walk” or make a donation ! 

Source : That’s a wrap!  Be BOLD AND BRAVE

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