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Charles sees interior design differently. He boldly approaches space design and material matching with a brave new perspective to expertly execute on  client’s needs and visions. Charles loves traveling , hiking and photography outside of work to give him a source of inspiration.


Venus’ passion resides in design and constantly challenges the status quo. She uses meaningful details and expansive knowledge to create designs with a deep emotional impact that fits the space and augments the spatial environment.


Ernest is trained as a quantity surveyor and a contractor where he understands the need for controlling a project to be delivered on time, within budget and in good quality. He is passionate in law and helps us always stays afloat in all contractual matters and safeguard our client’s interest.

Donna Ma

As a landscape architect with a wealth of experience in fit-out work, project management comes naturally for Donna.  Her enthusiasm and persistence has helped navigate many clients through difficult hurdles in projects. Her passion is delivering expertly crafted restaurant spaces for all to marvel at and enjoy the thoughtfulness of the design.

Ernest Yeung

Ernest brings extensive knowledge, as a former financial/operational leader in several multiple national companies including PwC, Disney, WPP & most recently with Flight Centre Travel Group, to identify new business opportunities as the ambassador between Greyscale partners and staff. Ernest’s passion is in ensuring consistent and high quality delivery for every project to accelerate our …

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Serena Yeung

An architecture and interior industry 18-year architect with experience as a client, consultant and user. Serena believes boundaries birth limitless creativity. “Through limitations and constraints, fresh, inspiring ideas are developed.”