About us


Greyscale is a project management, architectural and interior design consultancy company that brings your vision into reality.

We specialize in commercial, hospitality and educational projects with in-house expertise for these specific fields.

Our primary goal is to add value to your project and brings your identity to life. We create a partnership with our clients to ensure project is executed with
quality from start to finish.


Client representative on site

We, representing the client, take on the leading role to bring the consultant and main contractor team together and bring value to our clients balancing time.

Value for money

We oversee the entire process in all disciplines to ensure the investment is wisely spent and to ensure your money is spent effectively and efficiently.

Risk and crisis management

Based on our extensive experiences and knowledge with local regulations,we are able to minimize client’s risk, adopt changes and handling crisis in the project.

Our passion in adding value

With our team’s experience and our passion, we strive to bring you the most value and ensure every aspect of the project is being looked after.