SERVICE: Project Management


Contract: $5 Million

Construction Period: 3 Months (Completed Jan 2021)

Located in the Star Street Precinct, this former art gallery turned prestigious café was transformed from commercial space to F&B with our lead as the client representative. As an extension of the Blue Bottle team, the project management and local management of Greyscale drove the property sourcing, negotiation of technical requirements amid a pandemic while the supply chain and logistics were disrupted. With our focus collaboration, the culmination of the three-story, two food preparation areas and 50-60 covers was completed ahead of schedule, in high quality and under budget. 

Project Interesting Facts:

  • The 3-story property converted from an art gallery required an air conditioning system and a modified facade to allow the installation of the system to meet license and restaurant requirements. 
  • 100+ hours of Zoom meetings were held with over 300 action items created  to manage the project from start-to-finish within 7 months.