The Magistracy by Black Sheep Restaurant at Tai Kwun

SERVICE: Project Management



Construction Period:

In collaboration with world renowned interior designer Joyce Wang Studio and us as the main project lead, the Magistracy has been brought back to life, making a piece of history fit for modern use, after laying dormant for over half a century. The declared monument building, built as a courthouse, houses 2 restaurants, 2 F&B outlets, a main kitchen and a new internal staircase. The opportunity was to pay homage to the story of this monument, connecting Hong Kong’s present and future to her past.

Complex projects are where we thrive and none more complex and challenging than the hurdles of transforming this 100 year old building to meet modern restaurant requirements. As challenging as it sounds, commonplace projects like installing air conditioning or wall coverings required months of coordination with one key focus—safeguard time and quality of the work. As extended team members, we leaned on our 5 decades of combined expertise and our ability to adapt to these unique challenges. Meticulous planning with our integrated team of architectural, design, construction, and engineering professionals,  was vital to navigate the project with care and mitigate associated risks for a project of this magnitude. It made the difference between doing good and doing great.    

This 2 year journey with the Magistracy was not without monumental external factors. We executed this project during the 5th wave of COVID, while experiencing city wide lock downs, logistic problems for overseas materials, manpower limitations and COVID testing requirements. Anything imagined happened throughout the project period. These stressors are enough to break any team but our bold and brave culture helped us stay the course and navigate the project through these historic hurdles.

Project Interesting Facts:

  • All materials in the restaurant were sourced around the world with over 100 pieces of artifacts, fabric, materials, accessories, etc being shipped to Hong Kong and China for installation.
  • We have coordinated with over 20 different parties through the project, from landlord, government representatives, interior designer, lighting designer, AV designer, MEP designer, landscape designer, vendors, contractors.
  • The first phase is completed with the main Chophouse and Gin Garden as the key dining area. Other phases are still in the making, stay tuned! 

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