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Construction Period:

Every design starts with a story.  Our design philosophy enabled us to take design boundaries and birth limitless creativity. Through limitations and constraints, fresh, inspiring ideas were developed for Exact. Inspired by nature, elements of light, air and plants were the basis of the concept of the design. As one moves along the space, the experience is nature.

We used artificial means to provide adequate lighting sources to achieve our design objective of connecting the center’s visitors with the calmness and warmth of nature. Light boxes were used to mimic windows for the deep interior spaces of the center, to reveal light, as one walks into a forest. Continuing the thematic journey through the woods, a specially crafted tree wallpaper was selected to surround you with tall trees in the woods.

The ambience is augmented by a floating curved ceiling and accent lighting, to create the idea of space in nature. The contrasting color curtains were carefully selected to juxtapose the warm and calm environment. Meandering lights were carefully designed to give this soothing environment a break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.